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Is this you? Sound familiar? Are you:

■ A busy mom who feels overwhelmed with everything on your to do list?

■ Not taking care of yourself the way you know you should because everyone else needs to be taken care of first?

■ Ignoring your goals and passions because you can’t find the time?

■ Feeling lost and maybe don’t even know what your goals and passions are anymore?

■ Totally stuck in a rut, when you really want to be in a groove?


Find Your Mama Groove is designed for awesome mamas like you who have a mother load to offer their families, the world and themselves, but can’t quite figure out where to start or how to fit it all in.


writing at computer150photo 150Maybe you want to write a novel, or start a business, or return to painting, or climb a tree or heck…just take shower.


After Find Your Mama Groove, you’ll have a custom strategy to go after your dreams while still being a great mom, or even become a better one.


Find Your Mama Groove is a 6 week e-course designed to help busy moms (hello, that’s us!) climb out of your rut and get into a GROOVE!

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Find Your Mama Groove supports you while you go after the things that are important to you. You deserve to feel happy, capable and fulfilled as a mother and as a person.




There are no bonus points for being stuck, restless, and generally dissatisfied. Life is short! The world and your family will be a better place when you are in your groove!


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By the end of our 6 weeks; you will find your groove and be ready to take on the world with your completed Your Mama Groove Guidebook, which includes:

■ A step-by-step road map for rediscovering what excites you, accomplishing your goals and pursuing your passions.

■ Customized weekly schedules to streamline you and your family’s regular activities, tasks and errands.

■ Carefully crafted to do lists specific to your needs and personality styles and lessons on how to make sure you actually accomplish the things on your list.

■ Done-for-you checklist templates to save time and money- there is no need to reinvent the wheel!

■ A tactical arsenal of guidelines to help manage mommy guilt and all the different ways she shows up.

■ Go-to quick breakfast, lunch and snack recipes to keep you fueled and energized to support your goals.

■ A sensible sleep strategy, based in research, to insure you are rested and your body has a chance to recharge.

■ Realistic self-care options that resonate with you (from meditation to girls nights.)

■ Plus a plan for continuing your Mama Groove long after the course is over


purse 150Best of all, you can pop the your guidebook into a cute 3 ring binder, have it spiral bound or save it to your iPad and you will have a go-to, go-anywhere guidebook to motherhood. Ever wished your family came with instructions? Now you’ll have them!


MG Start Date

Find Your Mama Groove Runs from September 30th through November 10th. Hello, this is the PERFECT time – the kids are settled into school, and it is before the holiday crazy sets in.



Ready to get your groove going? Here’s what we’ll cover in this course (plus much more!):

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Each week you’ll receive:

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The Backbone of Your Mama Groove

  • Downloadable Worksheets -Print these pages, fill them out and watch the magic happen. Even in this techy world, research shows that writing goals and plans out by hand actually increase the likelihood of achieving them. (plus, it gives you opportunity to buy fun office supplies like colorful pens and beautiful binders…don’t worry a course shopping list is included!)
  • Templates and Done-For-You ResourcesCalendar pages, to do lists, shopping lists, routine planners, easy recipes and quick workouts are all provided for you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel while putting your guidebook together.

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The How To and The Why

  • Mama Groove Magazine – Published weekly, this highly visual, PDF based manual will escort you through the ‘why” of each section and instructions on how to complete your book, in a short digestible way designed with busy mom’s time in mind. You’ll get the in depth knowledge you need, but the quick-to-absorb over view as well. It might rival US Weekly as your waiting-for-soccer-pick-up reading material.
  • Audio Tour Guide-No one multitasks like a Mama, so you’ll also receive MP3 versions of all the instruction if you’d rather download and listen to your course work on the go!

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To Keep You Moving In Your Groove

  • Weekly live calls implementation calls. If you worry you are too busy to actually complete the pages in your book, we’ll be getting on a live webinar each week to actually fill out the key pages together with my instruction and support as well as get any of your questions answered. (and don’t worry, these calls will be recorded if you can’t make it live)
  • Private Member Space- Ask questions, get support, meet new friends and stay accountable. There will even be prizes!

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Take Your Groove Finding to the Next Level

  • Guest experts (see more below)
  • Gifts and surprises
  • Additional support and resource



shopping 150This is not a one-size-fits-all do-it-my-way program. You will create YOUR own plan to be the best YOU can be, on your terms and by your definition.


Find Your Mama Groove is not another course on what you ‘should’ be doing as a mother. It comes with my no-mom-guilt guarantee.


This course is about action so you find your groove, feel good and walk away a tangible product that will enable you to make a plan AND implement a strategy that will take you well beyond the 6 weeks of the class. This is a road map for long-term success for your happiness as a mom.

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You’ll receive everything you need to get our of your rut and into your Mama Groove for the investment of $199.

You’ll see a return on your investment in better efficiency with time and money

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Typing Smilling 150Don’t fall for the Mommy Guilt trap that you don’t have enough time or you’ll do it when the kids are older. Stand up to mom guilt and put yourself at the top of the list. You are worth it. Your kids are worth it. There’s never going to be a good time, so your time is now.



I get it. I know you are busy, I know your family needs you. That is exactly why you need to Find Your Mama Groove.


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You need to take care of you first, so that you can then do your best for your family.
It’s not selfish. It’s practical.

Every mama needs a helper, and Find Your Mama Groove + Your Personal Guidebook are just that. It’s your mama secret weapon and BFF rolled into one.


Are you ready? You can give your kids the world without giving up yours.

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More about our amazing team of guest experts:


6 Industry Expert Provided Bonuses and Worksheets

We will all be learning from experts in their fields through weekly bonuses and interview contributions throughout the course.

Bonuses include:

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School Lunch Menus
A week of done-for-you school lunch recipes and a complete shopping list from Laura Fuentes of MOMables. Cross one thing off your to-do list. Laura will streamline our lunch making routine to free up precious time during the course and beyond.



Beryl round headshot
Photo Storage and More
A practical guide to preserving your families memories you can can stress less and enjoy them more from Beryl Young at



Lacy's round headshot
Blogging and Entrepreneur Starter Kit
Lacy Boggs of, will get you off to a great start, in case you discover you want to monetize your big idea



MG Round Headshots-Hannah
Your Mama Groove Wardrobe
Stylist Hannah Ashbaugh will help us look good and feel good with ease with her Mom Chic guide



MG Round HeadshotsMindy
A Busy Moms Guide to Finances
Creative money expert, Mindy Crary, will help us make sure our finances are in the groove too.



MG Round Headshots-Chalita
Personal De-stress Kit
A go to stress buster checklist from wellness expert, acupuncturist and yoga instructor Chalita Photkoe



These Mama’s Are Finding Their Groove

“As a new work at home mom, I was in overwhelm-land for quite a while. As a mom herself, Megan totally gets it.” –Abby Murphy

“I am very excited to finally be moving forward on a long sought after, long desired goal!! I just needed help getting there, and working with Megan is perfect.” –Lisa Krausz

“My husband is about to buy Megan flowers. Her course has been my tipping point. I’m not the poster child for doing every step on time, etc. But the tips, tricks, principles – identifying the danger zones – it is helping me make a huge paradigm shift with my life.” – Erica June

“After working with Megan, I feel different; there is a lightness to how I approach things. I have permission to spend time on what is important to me.” – Alex Towers

About Your Groove Guide

me squareI’m Megan and I am still working every day to find my own Mama Groove; I have a messy spice cabinet, make spelling mistakes and sometimes let my kids watch too much TV, but everyday I make a conscious effort to get and stay in my groove.


Part of my Mama Groove is helping busy moms rediscover what fulfills them, and then find the time and energy to pursue that passion…without the guilt! I believe as moms, we can give our kids the world, without giving up our and b square


I love vanilla lattes, my iphone, sharpies and books meant for 13-year-old girls. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my two amazing kids and my awesome husband.


I know the saying is ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ but I think us moms need a village sometimes too. I want to be part of your village. Join me while we Find Our Mama Groove, together!

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